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James-Paul Brown


Brown blends the broad brushwork and vibrant colors of Van Gogh with the strokes and pastel shades of Monet to produce enchanting, passionate masterpieces. With his history as a painter, radio entrepreneur, wine connoisseur, marathon runner, and reciter of poetry, his life resembles a colorful palette, capturing the beauty of adventure of the human experience. His paintings are windows into an enchanted world blending energy, color, romance, as well as favorite cities and landscapes.

For James-Paul, the chief trait of being human is the ability to feel. He paints to record the depth and range of our passions and emotions. A deeply sensitive person, he is drawn to emotional moments in the human drama.

As a person, James-Paul is friendly and exuberant. His boyish charm reflects his dreamy, compassionate interior. Radiating joy and optimism, his ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures is infectious. This positive attitude is captured in his art which is always bright and cheerful. A daily dose of James-Paul Brown is what we all need to lift our spirits.

Brown’s original art has adorned the walls of the corporate offices of Pepsi, NBC, Reebok, and Adidas and his original art is also visible in the Swimming Hall of Fame. Brown has frequently donated his time and talent to charitable organizations. He has donated art to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, The Hunger Project with the late actor Raul Julia, The Los Angeles Ballet, the New York Philharmonic, The American Cancer Society, The Arthritis Foundation, Tipper Gore’s Breast Cancer Walking Marathon in D.C., Alzheimer’s Association, among others. Cedars Sinai Hospital displayed over 50 of his paintings for the enjoyment of patients, staff, and visitors. He has been a cheerful giver of his time, talent, and artworks.

Selected Commissions

Nelson Mandela, Portrait
Fashion Week, New York, NY
Reglais and Chateaux, U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.
Las Vegas International Marathon
Winter Olympic Games, Torino, Italy
Santa Barbara Vintners Association
Monaco Grand Prix
President of the Republic of China, Portrait
President of the United States, Bill Clinton, Portrait
President of the United States, George Bush Sr., Portrait
President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, Portrait
President of Venezuela, Portrait
Pope John Paul, Portrait commissioned by United States State Department
Russian State Ballet, Moscow, Russia
Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow, Russia
1984 Olympics, Los Angeles, CA
1996 Olympics, Atlanta, GA
America’s Cup
Pele and Soccer Team
American Ballet Theatre, Lincoln Center, NYC
Russian National Orchestra, Moscow, Russia
Pan American Games, Caracas, Venezuela
World Games, Alberta, Canada
Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France
New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra
Los Angeles Ballet

International Swimming Hall of Fame, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Wimbledon Tennis, Wimbledon, England
Heavyweight Boxing Championships
Maison Duetz Opening, San Luis Obispo, CA

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