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Bill Hester Fine Art Welcomes James Paul Brown

"A treasure trove of art is available at Bill Hester Fine Art.  We have added two new artists with a range of expressions that span genres from landscapes to flowers to abstracts to portraits.


Starting in 2023, for the next decade we are focusing on artists who have a consistent poetic voice.


James Paul Brown has proved his greatness over time.  Welcome to the collectors of Bill Hester Fine Art, James Paul Brown."


Selling since the 90s

Bill Hester, the art dealer that cares about collectors, started selling James Paul Brown paintings in the 1990s.


Introducing James with his David Bowie Original Portrait

We will begin with a sneak peek at Brown's look at David Bowie.  More will follow on this original portrait of David Bowie.

David Bowie Portrait.JPG

Presidential portrait by James Paul Brown

Among others, James Paul has painted Michael Jackson and two Presidential portraits. 

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